ULMA ONADEK Slab Formwork

The modern ONADEK slab formwork is a fast and light drop-head girder system for forming slabs.

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ONADEK is a reusable slab formwork.

Thanks to the lightness of the components, the dimensions of the modules and the drop head that allows early stripping, the ULMA ONADEK formwork can be handled quickly and safely.

The module dimensions are 2,50x2,00m for formwork skins 2,50x1,25m or 2,50x0,50m.

The drop head with which the frames can be lowered makes the reuse of the material uncomplicated.

The individual beams can be easily hooked in place, providing a stable and secure module.

With the universal beams, compensations and special elements can be flexibly shuttered.

The result is a pleasant concrete surface due to the low number of joints and the slab strips.

Data sheet

Data sheet
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